About company

Oilwell Thermotechnologies Ltd was founded in 2010 by Vzryvgeoservice Corporation. Company designs, manufactures and exploits heat insulated tubings used in oil, gas and gas condensate wells.

The main goal of the company is to provide oil and gas resource companies with high quality reliable products manufactured on a modern equipment using the latest technologies and also to provide with efficient service and support.

Main principles of the company are:

  • Continuous improvement of product specifications.
  • Continuous increase of staff training.
  • Combination of research and technology base and advanced technology.
  • Use of high-technology machining equipment during product manufacturing.

A processing area with a production line based on a “white-metallurgy” principle was created to manufacture Heat insulating tubings.

The design of Heat insulated tubings and the threads are covered by utility patents. The products are certified.

Oilwell Thermotechnologies pays special attention to the quality of its products. Quality management system of the company is certified according to ISO 9001.